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1929 Ford Tudor

As you can see bye the motor shots nothing special , but dont be fooled it has been bored out to a 402 ci with approximately 450 hp. , running the power through a munzie M21 rock crusher 4 spd. putting the power to the ground with a 12 bolt posi running 3:08 gears .

Alot of years this car has sat until finally long time owner Bryan decided in 1998 to do a ground up restoration , and a fine job he did .

The interior was very nice all black with basically all the upgrades such as carpet , headliner , seats , etc. . Add the change in the steering wheel with tilt and gauges , with a tack and a hurst shifter .

B.F Goodrich TAs all around , with classic crager ss mags for the finishing touch .

1965 , 1966 and 1967 Chevelle and Beaumont , have a very distictive look to them , radically changed in 1968 . But they were a typical car of the mid sixties big block , with a light body . It was a battle back then , who could build the hottest looking car right out of the factory . From the 2 factory scoops on the hood , the subtle SS 396 emblems to the sharp looking tail lights . With just a little black for accent under the trunk lid and of course the vinyl top .

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